About Us

The Islamic Circle of Mercer County proudly announces its new full-time Hifz school, Taibah Academy. Through it, we hope to instill the Qur’an into the hearts of its students through its memorization, understanding, and character-building (tarbiyah). We expect Allah ta’ala to make it a means for His mercy and a source of ongoing charity (ṣadaqah jāriyah) for the community. The Academy will serve as a launchpad for future leaders by incorporating personal Qur’anic studies with Islamic-oriented secular studies.

Principal & Head Instructor

Mufti Sulaiman Yusufi was born and raised in upstate New York. He began his pursuit of knowledge at the age of twelve memorizing the Holy Quran at Darul Uloom Madania in Buffalo, New York. He continued to study traditional Islamic sciences under various scholars. He has received ijazah in the six most authentic books of hadeeth. Upon graduation, he completed a two-year course in Islamic law and legal verdicts (fatawa) and received formal authorization to issue fatawa. He has taught many courses and lectured extensively on a range of topics. Currently, he is serving as the Imam of ICMC.

Academy Administrator & Assistant

Mawlana Asif Kareem was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. In his early years, he attended the Islamic School of Trenton, where he began his pursuit of Islamic knowledge. At the age of fourteen, he continued on to Darul Uloom New Jersey in Paterson for two years. He completed his alim course studies at Darul Quran was Sunnah in Flushing, New York. There he studied with various traditional scholars and received Ijazah of the six authentic books Of Hadith. Maulana Asif currently resides in his hometown of Trenton, NJ and teaches at ICMC.

School Board

The School Board of the Academy consists of five dedicated members from the ICMC community. Members were chosen based on their past service, community involvement, and expertise.